New Vehicle Prep & Protection

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New Vehicle Exterior Preparation & Protection

New Vehicle Exterior Preparation & Protection

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Its an exciting time when you buy a brand new vehicle. We know that many buyers assume because their purchase is brand new it means its perfect, but in many cases its not. Likewise, new vehicles come with no protection on the paint, wheels, glass, interior, etc. to keep it looking its best for a long time to come.

At New Shine Car Care we provide services to make sure your purchase is perfect and protected. All our services are meticulously done and no short cuts are taken. Our products are professionally applied so the warranties and value of each service exceeds your expectations. 

You can read about our protectant benefits in the "Vehicle Protectants" link.

A new car prep at a dealership takes about 30 minutes, whereas ours take from 3-5 hours and in some cases 1-3 days.


Our New Car Prep service will ensure that the car starts out right.

Because not every car is the same, and not every owner has the same wants and needs, we offer a variety of new car preparation and protection services. If you have a new car that you’d like to schedule for our new car preparation and protection services or have specific questions, please call us at 905-932-7111 and we will gladly get you taken care of. 

New Vehicle Exterior Preparation & Protection

New Vehicle Exterior Preparation & Protection

New Vehicle Exterior Preparation & Protection


New cars usually sit in shipping yards, are hauled across the country on trains or on semi-trucks, then spend more time sitting on the dealer’s lot. During this time the painted finishes, in particular, tend to collect abrasive contaminants, and small metal particles that embed into the surface (commonly referred to as rail dust). If not treated properly, this rail dust will start to show as very small rust blooms particularly in the lower areas (easily noticeable on white cars). New cars are usually shipped with plastic covering most of the areas which has glue holding it on. In many cases this glue is not removed properly or entirely removed.

Approx. time for this protection is 3 to 5 hours.

During a new car exterior preparation we include:

  • meticulously rinse &  hand wash the full exterior including the rims & tires
  • use a safe chemical to remove any contaminants, glue and other elements on the painted surfaces
  • apply our 1 year paint sealant to protect the finish and to maintain the new look
  • dress the tires

We also offer glass treatment, plastic trim treatment and Ceramic coating if desired. Please indicate if you want these services at the time of your booking.

Cars/Sedans $250

Regular size SUV $300

Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans $350

New Vehicle Interior Protection

Premium New Vehicle Prep & Protection

Premium New Vehicle Prep & Protection


When buying a new vehicle, like the exterior, the interior comes with no protection. We know that spills and weather are going to take its toll on the interior. To help maintain and protect the interior we have fabric and leather protectants. Read about our protectants in the "Vehicle Protectants" link to see all the benefits.

Approx. time for this package is 2 to 4 hours

Included in this package:

  • wipe down the interior of any oils and dirt with a safe cleaner
  • clean all interior windows. 
  • Apply our fabric protection to all carpet areas, mats and seats. Apply our leather protection as needed


Cars/sedans $150

Regular size SUV$150

Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans $200

Premium New Vehicle Prep & Protection

Premium New Vehicle Prep & Protection

Premium New Vehicle Prep & Protection


This package is for the New Vehicle buyers that want the highest gloss and protection for their purchase. This level of start can not be achieved at the dealership or factory. 

Approx time to complete this level is 1.5 to 2 days

At this level we are providing:

  •  a high labour intensity polish to remove any swirls, light scratches, haze. 
  • apply by hand our highest level exterior protectant to all painted surfaces including door jams
  • apply a protectant to all the exterior plastic trims
  • exterior glass is treated with our glass protectant
  • rims are meticulously cleaned and protected
  • engine is detail and sealant applied to painted areas
  • interior is meticulously cleaned and protectants are applied. Leather is treated if available

Note: If the painted surfaces are heavily swirled, heavily scratched, or have deep water spot etching, then we will assess the damage and quote accordingly depending on the amount of time required for multi-stage paint correction polishing. 


Cars/sedan $1200

Regular SUV $1400

Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans $1700

Our Ceramic Coating can be added to this package if you want it applied. The exterior condition would need to be accessed before pricing can be achieved.