About our Ceramic GLAZE

Having a permanent application such as ceramic on your vehicle should be a serious thought, so our product was tested through many different elements to ensure it is the highest quality to our customers. It has also been tested by many other industries to ensure the quality meets the expectation. 

The effect and bonding agents our Ceramic provides to the surface gives it the name GLAZE. Application of our Ceramic is done in an enclosed atmosphere where possible contamination is controlled. Our product can only be removed by specific chemicals or procedures.

With the environment and elements that we live in we have made sure that our GLAZE will provide durability and protection. Our GLAZE can last up to 6 years with proper treatment and care. Our GLAZE can be applied to any aged vehicle, painted surface or plastic coated areas. 

Please feel free to call us or stop our shop to see what we can do for you. Protecting your vehicle is important to us!

Ceramic Glaze


Most important things about choosing ceramic is what you will benefit from, the effect, durability, care and price. Having ceramic professionally applied will only increase all of the benefits. 

What you can expect from our GLAZE.


Hardness scale (9H) is used in the coating industry to determine paint hardness. H is capacity of a coated surface to resist from scratching and other elements from scaring the protected surface. Our GLAZE uses the highest 9H formula in the industry that has a balance between hardness and flexibility.


The nanobionic properties of our GLAZE will provide a tough 3D structure. With proper maintenance this gloss can be achieved for years.


Our product uses nanabionic ceramic technology that mimics a glass effect. This effect refers to the self cleaning properties that are created by the ultrahydrophibic finish. 


The barrier created by our GLAZE prevents UV rays from surface fading and the oxidation of the surface.


Dust blows off dirt washes off easily. Bugs, sap, bird droppings are easily removed without any added chemicals. Cleaning and maintaining any surface with our GLAZE is simplified.


Prevents water spots.




Pricing for this GLAZE  package will include: 

  • our prep & clean process (see below)
  • We apply a layer of our Ceramic GLAZE over the entire vehicles painted and plastic coated areas
  • All trims get a layer of our Ceramic
  • tires and rims cleaned of any brake dust and road grime buildup
  • 2 year warranty
  • Approximately 10 hours to 2 day process

Call 905-932-7111 for pricing and additional information about our process.

(fleet pricing is available)

We will require an inspection of your vehicle before any Glaze can be applied.

Front Bumper Ceramic


Are you struggling to get the bugs off the front of your vehicle or tired of trying different methods?

With our GLAZE applied to all painted and coated areas on the front of your vehicle, the bugs will fall off or be removed with very little effort and stone chipping is minimized. Your clear coat will stay protected from looking wornout from the abuse.

Pricing for our Bumper area GLAZE  package includes:

  • prep and clean process
  • a layer of our GLAZE applied to the headlights, fog lights, bumper, plastic coated grill area
  • 2 year warranty
  • approximately 6 hours to 24 hour process

Call 905-932-7111 for pricing and additional information about our process.



We offer a Glaze for your rims so they stay protected and make the cleaning much easier.

Pricing for our Rim GLAZE  will include:

  • prep & clean process
  • additional cleaning process on used rims
  • layer of our RIM GLAZE applied to all exterior surfaces
  • 1 year warranty

Price per rim is $50+. Rims must be off the vehicle. To maximize the effect and longevity see our care program.



After we have done a thorough inspection to determined if Ceramic is for you, your vehicle will go through a meticulous cleaning process to ensure all contaminations are removed. This process will ensure that our GLAZE has the highest bond to your vehicle.

At the time of inspection we will access the clear coat condition to determine if paint correction is required for maximum gloss.

Ceramic glaze care



Our Ceramic GLAZE is designed to protect your factory clear coat, to provide a protective shield against the elements and to keep your vehicle looking new. To maximize the effects of our Ceramic GLAZE and to ensure your investment is long lasting, a few basic maintenance steps should be taken. With simple care, your coating will reward you for years to come..

Curing Time

Curing time is 2-3 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Take special care during this time period. The coating can help prevent your clear coat from water spots as it is extremely hydrophobic. Our GLAZE however is not bullet proof and can still get hard water spots. The coating is less likely to etch than your factory clear, but it can especially get water spots during the curing process and can be costly to remove.

During the curing process avoid:

  • Parking under any trees if there are shedding. Tree sap and leaves aren't good on a fresh coating.
  • Allowing bird droppings, sap or pollen to sit on your vehicle especially in the sun.
  • Washing or the coated areas.

If you notice that your car gets water spots, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap or other contaminants during the first two weeks, immediately remove it following our care instructions. Keep in mind the coating is still soft. Be gentle when working on the paint.

Washing & Care

Washing your vehicle at home

Our GLAZE has the glass effect which means most things will dissolve and be pulled off by the self-cleaning effect. Minimizing rubbing, (especially with a dry towel) on the coating will ensure its longevity. Use a Ceramic Coating Cleaner or non-chemical cleaner to remove bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap. Followed by wiping it off with a soft edge-less microfiber towel.

Washing schedule

For best results the vehicle should be washed on a bi-weekly basis to avoid excessive contamination build-up. Use only recommended mild soaps.
Avoid high volume brush style car washes, and high PH detergent style cleaners.
Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting.
Wash from the top down leaving the dirtiest sections for last to avoid cross contamination.
Use separate soap.

RIMS must be washed or hosed off regularly to prevent etching and burns from the high heat that the brake dust will provide.

Washing Methods

Standard home washing
Use a microfiber wash mitt to soap down the car. Rinse it off with a pressure washer (optimal) or hose. Dry with clean microfiber towels. Foam gun method of washing can be used as well.

Spray ‘n wash self car washes
Select the high pressure soap. Soap the car down (never use the provided brushes especially on the paint!). Rinse car off with the high pressure rinse. Dry with clean microfiber towels.

Car washes
We offer a hand car wash but if your in a rush goto Touch-less car washes only. Never use a car wash with brushes! Never select the “spray wax” option.


Drying your GLAZE will give you a good eye to see if any areas have been affected. Most effective way to dry your vehicle to first use a damp microfiber followed by using second microfiber to finish drying the vehicle.

  • Always dry completely and never leave to “air” dry. Tap water contains minerals that may leave deposits creating water spots.
  • Only use quality microfiber towels for best results and avoid aggressive wiping, allowing the material to absorb the water.

Spot Removal

Stop by our shop or use these step if you see any spots or if ice sticks.

  • Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove surface contamination.
  • Never use excessive force to remove spots.
  • Bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. should be removed as soon as possible to avoid temporary staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining left behind from bird droppings will break down over a few days without affecting the Glaze
  • DO NOT use a scraper on ice or snow. The Glaze will most likely scratch causing a re-application fee

Upkeep Inspections

Annual Inspections

Annual Inspections are the recommended process (not mandatory) for ensuring the coating is maintained and care for the vehicle is properly executed. At the time of completion we will schedule you a yearly maintenance if requested. Although durable and long lasting, annual inspections ensure maximum gloss and protection.


We have recommended products to use on our Ceramic from a wash, microfibre to after care spray on our product page. All products are used by us on a daily basis.

Thank you and Enjoy!

We look forward to seeing the benefits of our GLAZE for the coming years!




For 2 years we guarantee and warranty that our Ceramic GLAZE will maintain the protection we have described. We also guarantee that our Ceramic GLAZE will maintain its coverage all surfaces applied. If you follow our maintenance program you could get the benefits for many more years. All customers will receive a warranty paper with their purchase.



  • Protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Prevention from fading and oxidation on painted surfaces
  • No more stains from birds droppings and tree sap
  • Much easier and quicker to clean
  • Stain protection, shine preservation, and colour enhancement



Over 20 years of Auto-detailing and Honesty about our Ceramic GLAZE is how we have built our foundation.

Call or stop by our shop to ask any questions.

Ceramic Glaze Video

Video of our Glaze. More videos can be found on our youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.