Detailing services

All the services provided in each package are meticulously done to ensure full value is achieved. All exterior washes are done with our "premium wash & wax" to provide a nice lustery finish. Professional cleansers and brushes are used when cleaning the vinyls.

We also provide special deodorizing for vehicles with any foul odours. Please indicate if you would like this detail service.

Having your interior and exterior protected with our professional grade protectants is great way to keep it looking new. See our Vehicle Protection section for information about these services.

Detailing Packages


Hand Wash

Approx. 10-20 min

- the full exterior is throughly rinsed - a soft wash mit is used with our premium wash & wax to maticuously clean the exterior - remove any bugs - clean the tires & rims - chamois dry

  • Cars/sedans - $15.95
  • Reg. size SUV -  $19.95
  • Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans - $24.95


This package is a great maintenance detail after we do a deep interior cleaning or on newer vehicles. Approx. 20-30 mins.


- wash the exterior - clean the tires & rims - quick vacuum of the interior - wipe the interior vinyls - clean all interior windows

  • Cars/sedans - $29.95
  • Regular size SUV - $34.95
  • Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans - $39.95


This package will get your full interior cleaned and brought back to a new like condition. Approx. 3 to 5 hours is required to complete this package.


- deep shampoo extraction of seats, carpets and mats - clean & protect all vinyls - cleanout the vents and compartments - vacuum the trunk - clean interior windows and mirrors - clean the door jams - leather seats are cleaned

  • Cars/sedans  - $125
  • Regular size SUV - $140
  • Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans - $160

*special deodorizing is available if needed at an extra charge. Pet hair removal may result in additional charges.

** add on our leather treatments. See our leather care page.


For the vehicle owners that only want the exterior professionally cleaned and protected. We are using our Premium NANO 6 month wax to leave your vehicle with a high gloss and protected. Approx. 2-4 hours


- exterior hand wash using proper techniques to prevent swirling and marring to the finish - bugs and road grime is removed - wheels & rims cleaned of any brake dust and dirt - wheel wells cleaned - tires dressed - PREMIUM NANO 6 month wax applied by hand

  • Cars/sedans - $110
  • Regular size SUV - $130
  • Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans - $150

* upgrade the wax to our Paint sealant. Ask for the pricing.

** scratch removal is not included


The ultimate package to bring your full vehicle back a New like condition and better. Approx. 4-6 hours required.


- Interior Shine detail - Exterior Shine detail - engine shampooed & detailed - headlights polished (if needed)

  • Cars/sedans - $195
  • Regular size SUV - $240
  • Lrg. SUV/Trucks/Vans - $270

Book an appointment

All our detail packages require an appointment booked. The Hand wash and Mini detail might be available the day of.