Deep Leather Care & GUARD




Leather Guard - 2 seats starting at $120, 4/5 seats starting at $170, 6/7 seats starting at $220


Leather conditioning - 2 seats start at $90, 4/5 seats start at $130, 6/7 seats start at  $180

Leather treatments come in different varieties and are basically categorized as either basic surface level cleaning (maintenance leather treatment), or deep cleaning and conditioning. It’s imperative to take care of leather on a regular maintenance basis that includes general surface cleaning, but as necessary is the need to perform a deep cleaning and conditioning to keep the leather soft, supple, and protected.

Deep leather cleaning and conditioning services are recommended annually for proper preservation, and more frequently on a convertible or open top vehicle that spends a lot of time on the road. For this level of service, we use the the top leather cleaning and rejuvenator.

Our product has the proteins, cleaners, and conditioners that find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins that dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting the fibers strength and flexibility, and causing them to deteriorate. Perspiration and the salts left after its evaporation, easily find their way into the leather fibers.

For proper application and best results, this product requires time to get your leather looking its best. The total time of the process can take 6-12 hours. Once completed, your leather will be much cleaner and sanitary, it will have a soft and supple feel to it, and it will restore that leather scent.