Exotic/Classic/Vintage Car Detailing

High-end Detailing at its Best!


We treat all our customers vehicles as high-end but for the Extreme precious vehicles we take the art of detailing to the highest level .

To achieve the highest level we take the extra steps, every precaution, use the best products and exercise decades worth of experience.


For these vehicles we offer a LUXURY DETAIL package.  Included:

  • 2 step soft mitt hand wash & soft towel dry
  • engine rinse & compartment detailed
  • full interior detail with softest materials
  • leather is treated with our protectant
  • carpets are treated with our fabric protectant
  • rims are hand cleaned and polished as needed
  • Light machine polish to bring out the highest shine
  • hand apply a sealant to all painted areas
  • window protectant is applied
  • all plastic trims are treated

Package starts at $995

Approx time to complete this detail is 1 to 2 days.